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Tribe Meeting on the Horizon

05.15.16 // posted by Svydre

Lupinar plans for a Tribe Meeting to be held on the forum. We will discuss a series of concerns among the userbase as well as openly and confidently answer to questions and feedback.

The date is still undetermined, however we will be starting it within the month of May. Please stay tuned to hear the announcement of when the forum meeting is to begin. All users are recommended and encouraged to attend the meeting. Alongside the meeting, we will also run a survey that will ask similar questions. The survey is an option that may be more suitable for those who would like a more private approach to their disclosure of opinions. Please, follow the meeting's progress via the forum topic.

Happy Mother's Day!

05.08.16 // posted by Svydre

A new species has been added to Lupinar: Paroodectes (P. feisti) by Rajani.

Paroodectes onced roamed the canopy of ancient early Eocene rain forests, in the location now known as Germany. These cat-like Miacidae were carnivorous predators well adapted to climbing. They had long tails to support their arboreal lifestyle. Happy Mother's Day to our very much loved Lupinarian moms!

Mythos Pools

03.24.16 // posted by Svydre

Hidden in the depths of the Shadow Woods, a sanctuary is carved by water ways and thick shrub. Only a place of legend to some, the Celestial Temples know this area as the Mythos Pools. The Celestial Tribe, famed for their intellectual prowess, gather here to converse of matters unbeknownst by the more crude Lupinarians. This spring, they have revealed the secret world of the Mythos Pools to Lupinarians of all affiliations and welcome them to join in their pursuit of knowledge.

Please Read: Mature FAQ for more information

Mythos Pools Mythos Pools is a trial room for mature conversations that wouldn't take place in other public rooms, discussions that may normally be considered against the rules. These conversations include the discussion of recreational marijuana, educational discussions of controversial or critical subjects, as well as discreet sexual discussion (this does not include explicit images, videos, roleplay, and so on. The usage of appropriate anatomical terms is highly encouraged). These rooms have a different variation of the current rules and are separate to what apply to normal public rooms. This room will be labeled 15+; users will enter at their own digression.

Rules of Mature Rooms written by Amita - Mind your manners! Be respectful to those around you.
- Maintain the peace. Don't purposely try to start problems. If you think something is going to cause trouble, keep it to yourself.
- Control your intimate details. If it's over sexual, please keep it to yourself.
- Mockery will not be tolerated. Don't insult others, even during heated debates. There is no need to be rude over different opinions or views.
- Comply with the authority. If an admin says to calm down or to change the subject, listen. There's a reason for it. Don't argue.

If you do not follow these rules or behave like an adult, you will be banned from the room. You may appeal using a problem ticket.

Dodo Set!

03.18.16 // posted by Svydre

A new species has been added to Lupinar: Dodo birds (Raphus cucullatus) by MoonMoon.

Dodo birds were native to the Mauritius island where they may have inhabited woodland, having a versatile diet of fruits, seeds, roots, nuts and shellfish. It was a flightless bird with weak pectoral muscles and a reduced wing size, however other muscle groups may indicate that it was a fast runner. It is a relative of doves and pigeons.

Lupinar is on Fire!

03.16.16 // posted by Svydre

A tower of smoke blackens the distant horizon, quickly devouring the last rays of white light from the sun. As the sun is buried beneath the flurry of smoke, its rays of light emanate reds and golds, casting a warning of imminent danger. The smell of charcoal drifts in whisps of foggy air, and soon half the valley is covered in a sheet of smoke and ash. Birds of all sizes are seen flying out of the valley, herds of ungulates press tirelessly through the open meadows, and beasts of all known origins flee the concealment of the forest -- all escaping the encroaching flames that threaten to burn their home. The fire will continue to spread, unless...

Lupinar is on fire! Fire is both a force of destruction and of rejuvenation. Lupinar has experienced a tremendous catastrophe and is in need of help. In order to put out the fire, you can do the following:.

Provide serious, professional feedback and suggestions, via forums, message or problem ticket, on how we can solve the issues at hand and create a better environment.

Become active in chat, on the forums, and in the community. Take action!

Apply for an administration position coming March 31st, and begin preparing yourself to be a good candidate for a position.