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What is Lupinar?

♦ Lupinar is a virtual world inspired by the age of mammals. A member uses an avatar, or pose, to roam a variety of locations. Artists are capable of creating, uploading and even selling their own, original artwork.


♦ Lupinar is free, however subscriptions grant you access and benefit you to use other features (such as, different species, access to the pose uploader, paid-only rooms). You can view what the levels of subscriptions have to offer here.


♦ In order to have access to multiple features, you must purchase "Deltas". One Delta is equal to one (US) Dollar. Deltas can be earned using two options; you may perform art related jobs such as creating poses for other users, or purchase them from My Account > Subscriptions.


Keep in mind you are only capable of buying Deltas in intervals of "5", and must use a PayPal account to purchase Lupinar currency.



♦ Lupinar is not technically a game, though it is treated similarly through the use of its poses and locations. It is more of a chat than anything else with the addition of having artistic liberty in your appearance. It is fairly easy to use; below is a list of tutorials that will aid you:


♦ Walkthrough ♦
♦ In-Chat Commands ♦
♦ Common Technical Difficulties ♦



♦ Although Lupinar is not technically a "game" (though one is capable of referring it as such), users are allowed to RP as long as it is kept among the willing. Pestering other users about mates, packs, clans, families, etc is not the ideal form of roleplay here at Lupinar and is deemed a bother to most users. It is however, not against the rules.


♦ Moderators are different than member by the color of their name as they appear darker. There is a way to establish difference between the different levels of moderator ranks by checking an option in your "sniff" (profile). A quick explanation of how Lupinar is run:


the -Subordinate- are the regular users of the chat. They are our most important rank as without them, there is no chat. There is also no difference between those who pay and those who do not.
the -Omega-, also known as the Admin Assistant, are members that are capable of kicking but do not have access to the Administrator CP. They are usually retired or hiatus staff members, beta-testers, or long-term users.
the -Gamma- is the first of the administration ranks and are depicted as blue in the Mysts. These users are moderators and work for a specified team (artstaff, customer service, forums department) or just keep an eye on the chat.
the -Beta- are global moderators, Betas are team leaders of Lupinar and work for a specified team (artstaff, customer service, forums department). Their names are red in the Mysts. Betas have access to more resources in the Administrator CP.
the -Alpha-has access to everything in the ACP; they are responsible for leading the administration, oversee decisions being made, implement features, and completing monthly revenue. Their names are magenta in the Mysts.



♦ To view a more in depth analysis of the rules, read more here.


Drug Propositioning
Explicit Content
Rude behavior
Art theft
Disturbing the peace
Hacking/death threats


♦ You may report bugs via our Problem Ticket service [link], or post any issues on our forums. Either way, we'll do our best to help solve any dilemma. Some common bug reports are listed on the forum; if you are experiencing any of the following, please refer to these pages before contacting us.


♦ To learn how to create and upload your own artwork, you may want to visit our Art Guidelines.


♦ If your question was not answered in our FAQ, we apologize for that small inconvenience. You may open a Problem Ticket, post on the forums, or ask one of our friendly moderators and we will do our best to assist you. :)



This chart recognizes how much deltas are deducted at a daily rate.

Subscription Rate Customs Rooms # of Species
Free ∆0.00 0 0 4
Basic ∆0.06 5 0 8
Standard ∆0.12 10 1 16
Preferred ∆0.20 50 10 18
Elite ∆0.25 150 15 22
Ultimate ∆0.33 2000 50 22








Any questions? You may contact any of us on the forums or chat :)

None of these images on this FAQ are free! Written by Ozai, edited by Cobweb.